Bungee Jumping

Just 2 km from San Gil on the road to Charala, after the university Unisangil, we have a super structure built exclusively for the practice of 100% of Bungee Jumping, is made from a platform that goes up an arm, similar to an elevator, is located on the banks of the river Fonce 5 minutes from San Gil, the jump has a height of 70 meters and from the highest point you can enjoy a beautiful view of San Gil.

This scenery is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, a warm, pleasant and natural climate.

Service Includes.

  • Bungee jump attached from ankles or waist
  • Medical Assistance Policy
  • From 6 to 10 burst photos sent by whatsApp
  • Jump Certificate

Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Duration: Depends on the number of people.


  • No se aceptan mujeres en estado de embarazo
  • Peso máximo 95 kilogramos
  • Peso mínimo 40 kilogramos
  • Edad mínima 14 años
  • Los menores de edad deben presentarse en compañía de los padres
  • No se aceptan personas con afectación cardiaca o pulmonar, personas con operaciones, fracturas o luxaciones recientes, personas con problema de columna, personas con problemas de desmayos o convulsiones

Terms and Conditions

  • We request to appear at the place and time informed to perform the services, otherwise, we will understand that you do not want to take the service and apply a charge of 100% of the reservation. Faced with an inoperative due to climatic factors, we offer the following options: 1. Relocate a new date of operation 2. Relocate an activity of equal or lesser value.
  • salvedad: every person who carries out the activities does so under their own will and is responsible for their actions.


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