It consists of the rapids with our body supported on an aerodynamic floating board (hydrospeed), using the appropriate equipment comprising: a helmet, a vest and fins on the feet to give mobility and control in the rapids.

It is a fun activity where we are in constant contact with the water and get the most out of the waves and fast, as if it were part of the river. Fonce characteristics make this river a perfect scenario for the practice of this activity.

Hydrospeed LA ARENERA

Tour Description: Departure from San Gil basic commercial operations Colombia Rafting Expeditions, private transport, to a point known as the sandbox by road from San Gil to Charala; lasting about 15 minutes, the return is by the river to the base where the departure was. The time needed for the activity, including transportation and river rafting is 2 hours to 02:30, this depends on the water level of the river.

Departures: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Distance of descent in the river: 9 km

Duration in the river: from 1 hour to 2 hours in the river (depending on the water level)

Level of difficulty: Medium

Rapids Class: III-III

Average temperature: 24 ° C to 28 ° C (depending on the season)

Minimum age: 15 years (with tutor permission)

Includes: Private transportation to the activity, accident insurance, certified equipment, certified guides, professional bilingual (Spanish - English).

Recommendations In order to do this activity it is required that you have the capacity to swim.

Adequate clothing: shorts or bathing suit, t-shirt, socks.
Note: No experience is required, important for fitness and health status (not in a state of pregnancy and heart disease, epilepsy, etc.).

Service photography and videos hydrospeed activity will have an additional price.
On the base you can find other services such as:

In the base of operations of the company for which are included for our customers the following services: parking, showers, toilets and changing rooms.

-refreshing zone
camping area

Terms and Conditions

  • We request to appear at the place and time informed to perform the services, otherwise, we will understand that you do not want to take the service and apply a charge of 100% of the reservation. Faced with an inoperative due to climatic factors, we offer the following options: 1. Relocate a new date of operation 2. Relocate an activity of equal or lesser value.
  • salvedad: every person who carries out the activities does so under their own will and is responsible for their actions.